Fran Convery
Coldwell Banker Realty


Lisa and Dushan Radakovic
My husband and I started searching for a house in late September 2015. Fran sent us detailed listings of the types of houses we were looking at daily over email and took us to 8-10 houses for a few weekends in a row. She found the house we ended up buying through the MLS listing that only realtors can access by mud October of 2015 and we officially bought it by mid December 2015. Fran was responsive to our needs as first time home buyers and took into consideration our comments at each house we visited and constantly revised the list of houses she recommended we visit. It was a lot easier viewing multiple houses a day with Fran who knew what we were looking for than going to open houses on our own. Fran made the home buying process enjoyable and stress-free! 

Kathleen Dacy  10-25-16 (Heritage Park)

Fran is very thorough and really knows her way around the real estate values in our area. If you need any help with your appeal, she is the person to call.

Tony Wu   11-2-16 (Heritage Park)

Frances is very warm-hearted and eager to help neighbors, and she is very detailed. I recommend her.

Robyn Warter 1-18-17 (Surrey Ridge - Arlington Heights)
I just wanted to thank you for your help with our tax appeal. They lowered our assessment by almost $10,000! Thanks again.

Lynn Glaubitz Hollowell Oberg 01-28-17 (Elk Grove Village)

My parents just received their at letter today that their assessed value of their home has gone down based on the appeal we submitted through the Cook County board of review back in November. @FranConveryRealtorCB helped us put this together and it worked! I greatly appreciated her help!

Lynn Glaubitz Hollowell Oberg